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Your MetroCard, all in one place.

Screenshot of the app

MetroBuddy is your subway ride's best friend. In cities like New York where you have to swipe your transit card to unlock the turnstile, forgetting your balance and being greeted by an "insufficient funds" message can be annoying, and delay your journey.

MetroBuddy lets you enter your current MetroCard balance, and update it each time you swipe. Never lose time at the MetroCard reader again, your balance will always be available on your phone! The app also calculates how many rides you have left, based on your fare.

We are proud to be working on making MetroBuddy as inclusive as possible. You can change your fare if you have a more affordable one. The app is also fully compatible with iOS assistive technologies such as VoiceOver, Dynamic Type, and VoiceControl. Turnstiles are not fully accessible, but MetroBuddy is.